Monday, July 16, 2012

523 Tap & Grill

     Arnie celebrated his birthday on Friday the 13th this year! It doesn't happen that often and he never thinks of it as being a bad luck day.  In fact he always says it's his lucky day when it is on a Friday!   That being the case I took him to a restaurant called 523 Tap & Grill on Main St. in Elkhart.  I had been there for lunch with a girlfriend and thought he would enjoy it!  He always says I never take him anywhere so...

     We got "lucky" and were able to sit outside on the patio as the evening had cooled off quite nicely.  He decided to try a new beer that is made in Munster, Indiana called "Robert the Bruce".  I'm not much of a beer lover but wow this was pretty good! It is smooth but strong without a beer after taste.  He said it packed a punch after only one!  As we sat outside listening to the sounds of downtown, the trains rolling by to some unknown destination, and enjoying our cool evening on the patio we ate a lovely hummus appetizer with carrot and cucumber slices and pita triangles.  Just the right amount of lemon and garlic flavor!

    Arnie had the New England Clam Chowder which is pretty much his favorite soup and the steak special with roasted parsnips! Delicious!  I had a Caesar salad, (hold the anchovies) and the Lobster tail with roasted Yukon  gold potato wedges. Scrumptious!  As it was Arnie's birthday dessert was called for! I knew once our waitress said NY cheesecake with raspberry sauce it would be the choice as it is his favorite dessert! I've never seen such a huge piece of cheesecake except for when the whole cheesecake comes out of my oven! It was cool, creamy and delicious!

Check out their menu at:
It is a lovely little upscale bistro with an enticing eclectic menu! The chef makes the best potato soup I have ever eaten!